Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Revelation 2012 Survey Problems

In a bizarre twist of fate, or an example of life imitating art, we have hit a problem with our survey into the business impact of politics and manipulation.

Our survey was hosted by a provider who has always offered the survey service for free. That website was then bought back in July by one of the paid survey providers who shut the site down, deleted all the data off it and then relaunched the site as a paid service.

Their excuse was that the site had been hacked and they had to take it offline.

Well, of course, that's nonsense, isn't it? As evidenced by the fact that you can get your data back, if you pay them a fee.

Many websites have tried this business model; get enough people hooked on a free service, with valuable data stored within the site, and then start charging them.

Suffice to say, we looked around for an alternative, and surprisingly, found one in our old friend Google.

So once we've remembered what all the survey questions were, we'll get the survey back up and running.

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